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Much of our geotechnical services work is in the study of transportation-related alignments and facilities. This work includes highways and roadways, bridges, elevated structures and tunnels.  On most of our transportation projects we are also involved in conducting geotechnical studies and providing design recommendations for project elements relative to foundation design, earth retention, pavement and site drainage. 

Shannon & Wilson has been a major provider of engineering services for roads, bridges and transit projects throughout the United States and abroad.  We have provided geotechnical studies and recommendations, seismic design, tunnel engineering, instrumentation and construction observation for many high capacity transportation projects, many that have crossed major waterways and been in seismically active regions.

Services include:

  • Geotechnical engineering for foundations, shoring and slope stability design
  • Seismic design and retrofit
  • Construction monitoring
  • Construction dewatering
  • Tunneling and tunnel construction management
  • Analysis of geologic hazards
  • Environmental and natural resource services

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