Chuitna Coal Project

CLIENT DRven Corporation

Location Ladd, AK

Shannon & Wilson provided geotechnical services for a proposed new coal mine near Ladd, Alaska.

The project included a large field exploration program of more than 100 borings in remote areas without road access. Due to the remote location, most borings were conducted using helicopter-transported drilling rigs.

Field work involved simultaneous coordination with several drilling crews and other project partners over multiple field seasons. The first phase of explorations, which occurred during the summer field season, was conducted along a proposed 10-mile road alignment, a proposed airstrip, a mine camp facility, the mine area, and the upland loading facility near Ladd Landing. These borings ranged in depth from 10 feet to over 200 feet and were conducted to evaluate soil conditions for new road embankments, bridge foundations, building foundations, airstrip development, and material sources. Additional field explorations were conducted during subsequent winter months at bridge crossings and potential material borrow sources along the transportation corridor.

Shannon & Wilson developed a data report presenting the field and laboratory data for potential design-build teams to use in developing design plans. A separate engineering report contained preliminary engineering recommendations to aid the project owner in developing preliminary layouts, plans, and cost estimates.


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