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Whether your project is a mixed-use complex or high-rise office building, housing development or assisted-living facility, a comprehensive understanding of the ground on which you will build is vital to the success of your project. 

For more than 60 years, Shannon & Wilson has been a pioneer in developing effective underground solutions to complex site development problems.  Combining our geotechnical and hydrogeologic investigations with environmental assessments, we provide a comprehensive understanding of subsurface conditions at a site.  Our natural resources and permitting experts identify applicable codes and regulations and work with regulatory agencies for an efficient permitting process.  

Services Include: 

  • Geotechnical engineering for foundations, shoring, and slope stability design
  • Seismic design and retrofit
  • Construction dewatering and groundwater cleanup and control
  • Tunneling and tunnel construction management
    analysis of geologic hazards
  • Lead and asbestos assessment and abatement
  • Environmental assessment, remediation, and permitting

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