Former ZipMart Fueling Facility Site Assessment & Cleanup

CLIENT Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation

Location Sterling, AK

ZipMart was a vehicle fueling station that began operations in 1985. In 2001, gasoline-impacted soil and free product was documented at the site.  It was later estimated that up to 53,000 gallons of fuel were released to the environment.

The regional unconfined aquifer is used by private water wells in the immediate area. Ongoing cleanup activities are being undertaken to protect the drinking water resource.
On behalf of the ADEC, Shannon & Wilson began site characterization and remedial activities at the site, in 2002. To characterize, remediate, and monitor the fuel release, over 110 monitoring wells, 17 product recovery wells, 22 air sparging wells, seven well points, and seven soil gas points have been installed at the ZipMart site and vicinity. Cleanup efforts have included excavating over 750 tons of petroleum-impacted soil, injecting an oxygen releasing compound into boring, applying a chemical oxidizer to excavations, and product recovery. Recovery efforts have resulted in the removal of more than 18,000 gallons of liquid gasoline from the water table. In addition, an air injection/sparging system and a pump and treat system are operated at the site.


Stafford Glashan
Senior Engineer

Judy Hepner
Environmental Staff

Dan McMahon
Vice President

Jessa Tibbetts
Environmental Scientist

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