Titlow Lagoon & Shoreline/ Kay's House Restoration

CLIENT South Puget Sound Salmon Enhancement Group (SPSSEG)

Location Tacoma, WA

SPSSEG, in cooperation with Metro Parks Tacoma, is restoring the Titlow Lagoon Shoreline within Metro Park’s Titlow Park. 

Located adjacent to the Tacoma Narrows portion of the Puget Sound, the restoration project includes several phases.

The first phase of the restoration involves hazardous material remediation and habitat restoration of the Kay’s House shoreline. Surficial soils within the park have been impacted by arsenic, lead, and other heavy metals including dangerous waste levels of lead in select areas of the site from the former Asarco Company smelter.  The portion of the park known as Kay’s House included several abandoned structures that contained lead paint and asbestos, and the shoreline had a concrete bulkhead and rock riprap. Shannon & Wilson assisted SPSSEG and Metro Parks Tacoma with demolition of the bulkhead, riprap removal and grading plans to restore of the native bluff slope, contaminated soil remediation, home and septic demolition, and included beach construction barge access for removal of contaminated soils.

The second phase of the restoration invloves replacing an existing culvert and tidegate with a 90-foot span bridge along the BNSF Railway Company (BNSF) railway. We are working closely with South Sound, Metro Parks and BNSF to perform geotechnical field explorations, ground penetrating radar surveys of the proposed bridge location to develop geotechnical foundation design recommendations for the new railroad bridge. Our structural design partners will then advance the bridge design to construction in the near future.


Christian Canfield
Environmental Staff

Scott Gaulke
Vice President

David Randall
Senior Environmental Scientist

Brian Reznick
Vice President

Stephanie Wanderer
Senior Geologist

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