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Stephanie Wanderer

Stephanie Wanderer, LG

Senior Geologist

Stephanie Wanderer’s career includes geologic, geomorphic, and geotechnical evaluations for design of habitat restoration, dike and levee setback, slope stability and landslide characterization, and infrastructure and stormwater systems projects. Her experience and responsibilities include coordinating and performing geotechnical subsurface exploration programs, acquiring and interpreting surface and subsurface geologic data and materials, performing geologic hazard assessments on-the-ground and via desktop review, and GIS data processing and analysis.  

Stephanie’s prior work experience focused on coastal processes and nearshore restoration in Puget Sound and she is often consulted in-house at Shannon & Wilson on coastal or Puget Sound related issues or projects.  Stephanie mapped shorelines in nearly every Puget Sound county both remotely and in the field to produce the Feeder Bluff Mapping of Puget Sound document and digital dataset and is intimately familiar with the approximately 2,500 mile of Puget Sound shoreline.


  • BA, Geology, Western Washington University, 2003
  • BS, Environmental Science, Huxley College/Western Washington University, 2003


  • Licensed Geologist, Washington


  • Association of Environmental & Engineering Geologists
  • Geological Society of America– Environmental & Engineering Division, Quaternary Geology & Geomorphology
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