Buckner Building Property Assessment & Cleanup Plan

CLIENT Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation

Location Whittier, AK

The Buckner Building was completed in 1953 and was used by the U.S. Army for barracks and support services, which included a hospital, theater, jail, laundry, rifle ranges, commissary, and cafeterias.  

The building is comprised of seven floors and has a footprint of 60,000 square feet with 273,660 square feet of floor space.  In 1973 the City of Whittier purchased the structure.  The building subsequently fell into disrepair and in 2014 the City of Whitter was awarded an Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation (ADEC) Brownfield Assessment (DBA) to evaluate whether conducting corrective actions to return the building to beneficial use or to demolish the structure.  

On behalf of the ADEC, Shannon & Wilson prepared a Property Assessment and Cleanup Plan (PACP) for the building.  The PACP identified several potential on-site sources of contamination, including underground storage tanks (USTs), a former on-site dry cleaner, floor drains, lead-based paint (LBP), and asbestos-containing material (ACM).  Following the PACP, Shannon & Wilson conducted a structural assessment and geotechnical evaluation, which included a seismic-induced geological hazards, of the structure.  

To further evaluate and remediate potential concerns identified during the PACP, Shannon & Wilson advanced six soil borings; installed one temporary groundwater monitoring well; collected soil and groundwater samples; excavated and disposed of asbestos-impacted soil, and closed a 2,500-gallon UST associated with a former emergency generator.


Ryan Collins

Dan McMahon
Vice President

Jessa Tibbetts
Environmental Scientist

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