Plant #2 Repowering Project

CLIENT Municipal Light & Power, Anchorage

Location Anchorage, AK

The design and construction of this new substation and power turbine plant required excavating and flattening a 50-foot tall hill for a new power house, associated substation, and other facilities.

The project was divided into two phases: Phase 1 work included site excavation to the finish grade of the facility. Phase 2 included design and construction of the new facilities.

Shannon & Wilson provided geotechnical explorations and engineering analysis in two phases to accommodate the project progression. We developed two geotechnical reports for the project: the first to support earthwork activities (including excavation recommendations and slope conditions); the second to provide geotechnical recommendations for the building structures, asphalt pavement, and utilities.  We also conducted geotechnical consulting services during construction of the facility.


Kyle Brennan
Vice President, Anchorage Office Manager

Stafford Glashan
Senior Engineer

Russell Hepner
Geotechnical Staff

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