Cleveland Innerbelt

CLIENT Ohio Department of Transportation

Location Cleveland, OH

The Cleveland Innerbelt project includes a 1.7-mile-long section of Interstate 90 that spans the Cuyahoga River in Cleveland, Ohio.

Shannon & Wilson served as the geotechnical engineer on record for the Cleveland Interbelt Construction Contract Group 1. The primary feature in the contract group is a new 4,250-foot-long viaduct across the river valley to convey I-90 westbound traffic.  The viaduct crosses an active landslide on the west bank of the river, where it is supported by up to 200-foot-deep, 7.5-foot-diameter drilled shafts socketed into the underlying shale bedrock.  The remaining viaduct piers will be founded on large driven pipe or H piles.  

The project also includes seven new or widened bridges that will require new foundations.  Other project features include 14 soil retaining walls (including cast-in-place and mechanically-stabilized earth walls and abutment, and waterfront bulkheads) and various new or widened approach embankments, roads, and storm sewer outfalls.

Shannon & Wilson performed geotechnical explorations, laboratory testing, and engineering analysis, and recommendations for the project.


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