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Bill Perkins

Bill Perkins, PE, LEG

Vice President, Earthquake Engineering Services

As Shannon & Wilson's Earthquake Engineering Services Group leader, Bill manages traditional geotechnical/geologic engineering projects as well as seismic design and retrofit projects/tasks. Bill's management and technical experience includes probabilistic seismic hazard analysis (PSHAs), bridge seismic evaluation/retrofit projects, IDIQ seismic evaluation contracts for the GSA, seismic tasks on major structures, and transportation and infrastructure projects. With a solid technical background in both geology and soil mechanics, he is uniquely qualified to assess the complete spectrum of geotechnical earthquake engineering, from tectonics and seismicity to site response and engineering solutions-on both a site-specific and regional scale. His experience also includes engineering solutions for potentially unstable sites or structures.


  • MS, Civil Engineering (Geotechnical), Brigham Young University, 1991
  • BS, Geology, Brigham Young University, 1988


  • Professional Engineer (Civil), Washington
    Licensed Engineering Geologist, Washington
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