East Marina Bulkhead Replacement

CLIENT Port of Everett

Location Everett, WA

Shannon & Wilson provided geotechnical recommendations for replacing a 1,200-foot-long section of deteriorating timber bulkhead at the Port of Everett's East Marina.

The marina bulkhead's proposed replacement consisted of a sheetpile bulkhead tied back to a concrete deadman anchor.

To evaluate subsurface conditions, Shannon & Wilson supplement existing explorations by drilling four borings. The borings indicated the presence of approximately 35 feet of liquefiable soils over beach and glacial deposits. Shannon & Wilson calculated static earth pressures and performed seismic analyses to evaluate dynamic pressures on the new bulkhead for several design ground motions.  Working closely with the structural engineer, Shannon & Wilson provided recommendations for an anchored bulkhead design that would meet the economic and performance criteria established by the Port. During construction, Shannon & Wilson provided consultation as needed by the Port for Segments A and B of the bulkhead replacement.

Under a separate contract, Shannon & Wilson provided conceptual design recommendations for the adjacent Landing North Wharf to the south and west. This evaluation included providing recommendations for a new sheet pile bulkhead as well as a riprap buttress slope.


Monique Anderson
Vice President

Sarah Corbin
Senior Biologist

Bill Perkins
Vice President, Earthquake Engineering Services

Andrew Tangsombatvisit
Geotechnical Staff

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