Storis Drive Water Line Improvements

CLIENT United States Coast Guard

Location Kodiak, AK

Shannon & Wilson provided geotechnical and environmental services for a project to replace approximately 2,000 feet of existing water line along Storis Drive on the US Coast Guard Base in Kodiak, Alaska.

The water line project also included replacement of the paved surface on Storis Drive and the replacement of several stormwater outfalls that drain to the adjacent Women’s Bay. The project alignment traversed several known contaminated zones that would require significant consideration during construction.

Shannon & Wilson conducted a geotechnical and environmental exploration program that was used to fill existing geotechnical and environmental data gaps along the alignment. The subsurface information was used, along with the existing geotechnical and environmental studies that had been performed in the area to develop recommendations for design and construction of the project. Along with general geotechnical recommendations for the design of the new waterline, stormwater outfalls, and pavements, Shannon & Wilson developed an environmental management plan to be used during construction to dictate how impacted soils and groundwater were to be handled. 


Kyle Brennan
Vice President, Anchorage Office Manager

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Dan McMahon
Vice President

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