Gaffney-Airport-Richardson-Steese Interchange

CLIENT Alaska Department of Transportation & Public Facilities

Location Fairbanks, AK

The Gaffney-Airport-Richardson-Steese (GARS) Interchange is one of the largest and busiest intersections in the Fairbanks area.  

This intersection is just outside the main gate of Fort Wainwright, at the end of Airport Way, at the intersect of the Richardson Highway and Steese Highway.  The project will create an overpass on the Richardson and Steese Highways, allowing thru traffic on Airport Way and Gaffney Road under the overpass.  The project includes exit and entrance ramps onto the highway, and the associated piers and abutment structures for the overpass bridge.

Shannon & Wilson’s services for this project included a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment, and geotechnical review of existing information to develop an exploration work plan and provide a preliminary report detailing our concerns and possible concepts for the project. 

The project is in a seismically active area and will be constructed over soils that are liquefiable with consideration for the nearby Chena River.  Explorations plans were developed to scope geotechnical exploration and in situ testing depths and location. Logistics of field work planning included traffic control considerations of the extremely busy intersection.


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Vice President, Fairbanks Office Manager

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