Dalton Highway Milepost 109-144 Reconstruction

CLIENT Alaska Department of Transportation & Public Facilities

Location Alaska

Alaska Department of Transportation & Public Facilities (ADOT) plans to reconstruct the Dalton Highway between Milepost 109 and 144, which runs through a geologically complex region. 

The highway traverses the western flank of the Kokrine-Hodzana Highlands as well as the foothills to the Brooks Range in Northern Alaska.

The existing narrow 28-foot wide roadway lacks shoulders for disabled vehicles, has sections of relatively steep grades, and hazardous curves, and has subgrade instability, shoulder rotation, and drainage concerns.  The lack of an adequate shoulder width and steep side slopes increases driving hazards. Additional areas of concern include isolated thawing permafrost, substandard horizontal and vertical geometric challenges, and major drainage issues.

Shannon & Wilson has been reviewing existing information, conducting field site visits and explorations, and developed geotechnical design and construction recommendations for the improvements in two separate phases. We drilled and sampled nearly 100 borings, which includes deep borings for a bridge replacement along the route. Our staff are highly experienced in remote drilling, and safety and traffic control on Alaska’s highways. Our services will aid in developing construction drawings and specifications.


Nathan Adamczak
Geotechnical Staff

Steve Adamczak
Vice President

Christopher Darrah
Vice President, Fairbanks Office Manager

Fawn Glassburn
Geology Staff

Wendy Presler
Senior Associate

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