St. George Island Harbor Navigation Improvements

CLIENT Alaska Department of Public Transportation & Public                           Facilities

Location St. George, AK

St. George Island is the southern-most Pribilof Island in the Bearing Sea, approximately 750 air miles west-southwest of Anchorage, Alaska.

The island's existing harbor, located on the southwestern coast in Zapadni Bay, was constructed in the mid to late 1980's. All the armor rock and fill used to construct the original breakwater structures was generated from on-island material sources.

The St. George Harbor project focused on improving the entrance of the existing harbor. The goal: modify the harbor to provide safer navigation into and out of the inner harbor, and supply more protection during major storm events.

Shannon & Wilson provided geotechnical and geophysical explorations for the project to determine the soil and rock conditions at the existing harbor. We conducted additional explorations at upland borrow areas to determine the usability of on-island borrow. Shannon & Wilson provided engineering recommendations for breakwater development and stability, and provided an assessment of the on-island borrow materials. Explorations consisted of many soil and rock borings throughout the project area and borrow site location, as well as test pits and seismic refraction lines at the borrow source area.


Kyle Brennan
Vice President, Anchorage Office Manager

Ryan Collins

Thomas Keatts
Senior Engineer

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