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Thomas Keatts

Thomas Keatts

Senior Engineer

Thomas has nine years of experience in geological sciences, including eight years as a geotechnical engineer with Shannon & Wilson. He has significant project management and technical experience on projects throughout Anchorage, Alaska, remote Alaska locations, as well as experience in Washington, Oregon, Missouri, California, and Pennsylvania.

Thomas' projects include transportation, shallow and deep foundations, earth retention, utility, dam and levee, ports and harbors, and thermal analysis. Field exploration activities include geotechnical and geologic site reconnaissance, soil and rock borehole logging, surface and subsurface soil sampling, inclinometer instrumentation, ground temperature observation, water level monitoring, environmental field screening and sampling, downhole shear wave velocity testing, seismic refraction, numerous electrical resistivity methods, ground penetrating radar, and electromagnetic methods. He has additional geotechnical analysis experience with settlement, slope stability, thermal, and seep modeling. 


  • MEng, Civil Engineering, Oregon State University, 2011
  • BS, Geology, Western Washington University, 2009


  • Professional Engineer (Civil), Alaska and Washington


  • Vice President, Earthquake Engineering Research Institute, Alaska Chapter
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