Akutan Small Boat Harbor

CLIENT Aleutians East Bureau

Location Akutan, AK

Shannon & Wilson provided geotechnical explorations and recommendations to develop a new small boat harbor basin with pile supported, floating boat slips; and approach gangways and trestles. 

The project required excavation of a new basin in lowlands adjacent to the shoreline, as well as subsequent installation of the supporting structures.

The project's early stages included explorations and engineering analysis to develop a design for excavating and dredging the new harbor basin. Once the basin was completed, we reviewed the site's existing geotechnical information to develop preliminary engineering recommendations for the harbor structures. The review identified a significant data gap for deep soil conditions, which were necessary designing driven pile foundations.

Shannon & Wilson recommended additional investigations to reduce uncertainties during construction.  We conducted a field exploration program, which included borings within the harbor using floating barge support. We used this data to develop geotechnical engineering recommendations for driven guide piles within the harbor to support the new floating slips, approach trestles and gangways. The borings suggested conditions were highly variable and contained significant areas of liquefiable soils. The follow-up geotechnical engineering report presented recommendations for seismic loading and its effects, such as liquefaction, settlement, and lateral spreading. The report also assisted the owner's engineering team in developing a design-build RFP.


Kyle Brennan
Vice President, Anchorage Office Manager

Ryan Collins

Thomas Keatts
Senior Engineer

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