Ridgewood View Park Reservoir & Pump Station

CLIENT Tualatin Valley Water District (TVWD)

Location Portland, OR

To improve reliability of the water supply and enhance the recreation facilities of Portland's West Hills area, the TVWD partnered with the Tualatin Hills Parks and Recreation District (THPRD) to create the Ridgewood View Park Reservoir.

TVWD's concept was to replace the out-of-service five-million-gallon (MG) Hyde Park reservoir and the aging Inglewood Reservoir and pump station. These water system structures would be replaced with a new, minimum 7.0-MG, cast-in-place reservoir and pump station with standby generator, capable of pumping 11 million gallons per day. At the same time, TVWD wanted to make significant improvements to the 6.7-acre Ridgewood View Park. The design team evaluated two potential reservoir/park locations: one at the existing Hyde Park reservoir, and one within the adjacent Ridgewood View Park area.

The design team concluded, with input from the public, that the Hyde Park site would be the better alternative, though it would require an innovative, non-circular reservoir. Ultimately, the reservoir's unique structure allowed it to unite public utility with public recreation. Due to the complexity of this site and the desire to obtain maximum possible storage, Shannon & Wilson conducted an exploration program which revealed that adding depth to the reservoir took the foundation into more competent subgrade conditions in one quadrant of the reservoir footprint. With little extra cost, the reservoir became a few feet deeper, which, when combined with expanding the eastern wall, resulted in eight MG of storage. Shannon & Wilson provided geotechnical construction support throughout the entire 24 months of construction.

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