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Cody Sorensen

Cody Sorensen, CEG

Senior Geologist

Cody is a field geologist with a background in subsurface field explorations, including drilling, rock coring, soil sampling and environmental sampling, characterization and profiling of underlying soils; geologic reconnaissance and site exploration; tunnel air quality monitoring; and tunnel assessment. He also is involved in construction observation, including foundation subgrade preparation and soil bearing, subsurface drainage installation, mass soil excavation, fill placement and compaction, rock slope blasting, roadbed remediation, pier shaft drilling, soil nail and tieback installation and testing, rock bolt installation, displacement rammed aggregate pier installation and testing, auger cast pile installation, and pile, micropile, and sheetpile installation and monitoring.

He has conducted inclinometer data collection and processing, geophone ground vibration data collection and processing, cross hole sonic logging of drilled shaft piers, environmental soil and groundwater testing and sampling, well infiltration and replenishment testing, falling head infiltration testing, well and groundwater level instrumentation and data collection, and site temporary erosion and sediment control (TESC) observation and recommendations. He has also performed geologic mapping and rockfall hazard assessment in difficult access areas and cliff faces requiring rock climbing rope techniques.

Cody is the Supervising Technician in the Portland Soils Laboratory, where he manages the sample inventory, performs soil testing in accordance with ASTM and AASHTO standards, and calibrates and maintains laboratory equipment.


  • BS, Geological Sciences, University of Oregon, 2000


  • Certified Engineering Geologist, Oregon
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