Miller Salvage

CLIENT Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation

Location Fairbanks, AK

Miller Salvage, Inc. is a 22-acre property that operated as a salvage yard from the 1980s through the mid-1990s, accumulating surplus (including military) debris and drums. It was likely operated in a similar fashion dating back to the 1950s.

Damaged and leaking containers, distressed vegetation, and animal carcasses were observed at the site, which also includes a church. In addition to items visible at the ground surface, debris and containers may have also been buried throughout the site. The property was deemed an imminent and substantial risk to human health and the environment, triggering a time-critical site characterization to include soil, groundwater, and indoor-air sampling.

Since off-site migration of contaminants in groundwater could adversely affect drinking water wells in the area, and we prioritized an initial groundwater assessment task. We worked closely with the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation to meet the accelerated schedule and manage changes due to on site conditions and seasonal weather conditions.

Obtaining notice to proceed right before the onset of winter conditions, Shannon & Wilson quickly developed a work plan to address the most urgent data needs, and installed and sampled 44 groundwater well points and sampled soil at several drum-storage and apparent spill areas. We performed these activities in snow and sub-freezing temperatures. Following this initial phase, we prepared a second work plan to address additional tasks, including sampling an additional 50 temporary well-points, indoor-air sampling to evaluate the potential for vapor intrusion into the church, and drilling and soil sampling.

water Water Supply / Wastewater
Contamination / Remediation

Christopher Darrah
Vice President, Fairbanks Office Manager

Andrew Frick
Environmental Scientist

Sheila Hinckley
Senior Environmental Scientist

Mark Lockwood
Senior Associate

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