Short Line Railroad Illinois to Indiana

CLIENT Indiana Rail Road Company

Location Central Illinois to Indianapolis, IN

Shannon & Wilson was provided multiple tasks, including Environmental Permitting, Geotechnical Engineering and Hydrology and Hydraulics analysis for a total of 20 bridge replacement projects along the Indiana Rail Road (INRD) stretching from central Illinois to Indianapolis, Indiana. 

All 21 tasks included permitting, and roughly half the tasks included geotechnical engineering, and hydrology and hydraulics.

Section 404/401 permitting included a waters of the U.S. delineation and report. Nationwide permits # 3 (Maintenance) and permit # 14 (Linear Transportation Projects) were submitted and obtained for each bridge from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. As part of the permitting process, each location was evaluated for State and Federal Threatened and Endangered Species and Cultural Resources 

Geotechnical work included subsurface investigation, collection and analysis of soil samples, and subsurface design recommendations. In addition, Shannon & Wilson analyzed existing hydrologic and hydraulic conditions, provided our design recommendations, and provided applicable permitting applications for each location.


Thomas Abkemeier
Vice President, Saint Louis Office Manager

James Dutt

Vonmarie Martinez
Senior Engineer

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