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Klaus Winkler

Klaus Winkler, LEG

Senior Principal Engineering Geologist

Klaus Winkler has 20 years of professional experience in geology, engineering geology, structural geology, hydrogeology, glacial geology, geomorphology, and geophysics. His experience includes: field mapping; soil and rock test drilling; test pit excavation; in situ testing; site characterization; landslide evaluation and stabilization; slope stability and rockfall analysis, design of ground support in rock slopes, geophysical surveys; proposal, geotechnical report, and project specification preparation; and construction monitoring/management.

Klaus has special experience and knowledge in tunneling in a variety of ground conditions and has worked in over 100 tunnels throughout his career. He also has special experience and knowledge in assessing ground conditions in rock slopes and rock excavations, evaluating and analyzing rock slope stability, and designing of stability improvements in rock slopes.


  • MS, Geology, University of Vienna, 1996


  • Registered Geologist, Washington
  • Certified Engineering Geologist, Washington
  • Certified Erosion & Sediment Control Lead (CESCL)


  • Association of Engineering Geologists
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