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Matt Grizzell

Matt Grizzell, PG


Matt is an engineering geologist with experience as a geologic consultant in the fields of geotechnical and environmental engineering.  Matt has performed field mapping, instrumentation studies, and has performed design and construction observation tasks on critical landslide projects throughout the western U.S.  As a field geologist, Matt has employed various techniques to map bedrock and surficial deposits and has published mapping within the Colorado Springs Geologic and Landslide Inventory Area.  He has conducted forensic investigations of distressed facilities, including railroad facilities, public utilities and infrastructure, and residential structures.  Matt has experience in installing, monitoring, and interpreting data from geotechnical instrumentation, including inclinometers, extensometers, and datalogging piezometers.  Matt also has experience managing projects requiring use of client-facing database tools to access and analyze large datasets.


  • BS, Geology, Colorado State University, 2002
  • MS, Civil Engineering, University of California, Berkeley, 2015


  • Registered Geologist, Washington, Arizona 
  • Professional Geologist, Colorado
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