Fire Island Wind Turbine Farm Reconnaissance

CLIENT Cook Inlet Regonal, Inc. 

Location Fire Island, AK

Shannon & Wilson conducted field reconnaissance and geotechnical drilling explorations for a turbine wind farm on Fire Island, a 3,200-acre uninhabited, undeveloped island roughly three miles west of Anchorage.

Photo Credit: C. Watts

Due to its remote location, Fire Island is accessible only by boat or plane. Shannon & Wilson staff coordinated transportation to the island to conduct a three-day reconnaissance, travelling around the island on foot and ATV. The reconnaissance evaluated foundation conditions at potential wind tower sites, as well materials available for constructing foundations and access roads to the wind tower sites. Our staff observed soil exposures, probed surface organics, and collected materials samples that were transported back to Shannon & Wilson's Anchorage office for index testing. We then prepared a geotechnical report, which included site observations and laboratory testing results, as well site visit field notes and photographs.

Additional geotechnical work followed, including geotechnical drilling, sampling, and testing to provide data for design-build teams to design and construct the wind turbine farm and associated road and utility infrastructure. Shannon & Wilson conducted subsequent visits to the island for additional services, including a gravel source study and a seismic evaluation. The final completed project consists of 11 wind turbines that provide renewable energy to roughly 7,000 Anchorage homes.


Kyle Brennan
Vice President, Anchorage Office Manager

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