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Katie Walter

Katie Walter, PWS, CESCL

Vice President

Katie Walter is a professional wetland scientist, permitting specialist and botanist with more than three decades of experience performing and managing environmental compliance projects, site investigations, and technical field activities.

Katie has provided environmental and permitting support for such projects during alternatives analysis and concept design phases, leading to permit application and acquisition. She is experienced at conducting wetland and ordinary high water (OHWM) delineations and habitat assessments to evaluate aquatic and riparian resources in river and floodplain environments. She is adept at preparing technical reports and designing restoration and mitigation plans to support permit applications. She is skilled at assessing a project’s permit needs and identifying key design elements to expedite permit acquisition. She has prepared complicated plans and reports, evaluated large amounts of environmental and compliance data, and managed multiple subcontractors.

Katie applies her understanding of local, state, and federal environmental regulations to maintaining environmental compliance, and has minimized unexpected and costly disruptions. She has prepared applications and supporting documentation for in-water infrastructure projects to comply with regulations including NEPA, SEPA, CWA Sections 401/404, Endangered Species Act, State Hydraulic Code, and local critical areas ordinances and shoreline master programs. Katie maintains positive working relationships with project managers and habitat biologists at local, state, and federal agencies and tribes which facilitates coordination on project design recommendations, permit and mitigation requirements, and acquisition of permits. 


  • BA, Botany, University of Washington, 1990
  • BS, Psychology, University of Washington, 1990


  • Certified Professional Wetland Scientist, Society of Wetland Scientists
  • Certified Senior Biological Assessment Writer, WSDOT
  • Certified Wetland Delineator, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
  • Certified Erosion and Sedimentation Control Lead


  • Society of Wetland Scientists
  • Association of State Wetland Managers
  • American Fisheries Society
  • Washington Native Plant Society
  • Society of Ecological Restoration
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