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Lucas Strom

Lucas Strom, PE

Senior Engineer

Luke is a senior engineer for the Denver office of Shannon & Wilson. His geotechnical engineering experience includes design of temporary and permanent earth retention structures, such as cantilever, soil nail, and mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) walls; installation and data acquisition for geotechnical instrumentation; slope stability analysis and evaluation; lateral and axial design for deep foundations; design recommendations for utility trenching; condition assessment of underground structures; construction monitoring for drilled shafts, rock bolts, compaction grouting, rock blasting, and soil nail, MSE, and tieback walls; and characterization of subsurface conditions by drilling and sampling geotechnical borings.


  • MS, Civil Engineering, University of Illinois, 2015
  • BS, Civil & Environmental Engineering, University of Illinois, 2014


  • Professional Engineer, Colorado

Practice Area

Geotechnical Services

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