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Elizabeth Barnett

Elizabeth Barnett

Senior Geologist

Elizabeth has directed her 15+ years of experience as an earthquake geologist toward analyses of seismic hazards and vulnerabilities of structures and infrastructure in the Seattle and Portland areas. Prior to joining Shannon & Wilson in 2014, she was a geologist for the U.S. Geological Survey conducting paleoseismic field investigations to characterize and evaluate the earthquake histories of active faults in the Pacific Northwest and the potential for them to generate large, damaging earthquakes. Since joining the company, Elizabeth has performed detailed fault characterization studies and has developed seismic source models for probabilistic and deterministic seismic hazard analyses that are integral in the assessment and design of major bridges, dams, pipelines, and locks.


  • MS, Geology, Humboldt State University 
  • BA, Geology, Mt. Holyoke College


  • Licensed Geologist, Washington
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