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Paul Van Horne

Paul Van Horne, LHG


Paul Van Horne has more 30 years of experience as a hydrogeologist and has participated in a wide variety of environmental, geotechnical, and groundwater investigations in the Pacific Northwest, as well as in Montana, California, and Alaska.

Paul has designed and monitored groundwater dewatering and water supply systems; directed remedial actions at contaminated sites; supervised well/piezometer installation and performed/supervised sampling of soil, sediment, petroleum products, soil gas, and water at construction and hazardous waste sites (including Superfund sites); conducted field testing of soil, groundwater, surface water, and soil vapor; performed hydrogeologic investigations, including municipal wellhead protection area delineations; developed design infiltration rates for Western Washington stormwater facilities (ponds, trenches, bioretention, and dry wells). He has performed and evaluated aquifer tests in complex, multi-aquifer systems in both rural and heavily urbanized settings; designed and monitored the construction and operation of temporary and permanent dewatering systems.

Paul has also developed underground storage tank (UST) management plans; conducted numerous UST site assessments and site checks; performed numerous Level 1 and 2 Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs); monitored the construction of landslide stabilization projects; monitored the construction of landfill degassing and liner systems; performed landfill liner field soil permeameter testing; interpreted borehole geophysical logs; performed geotechnical laboratory testing (grain size, Atterberg Limits, hydrometer, compaction, and permeameter); and modeled landfill leachate production. 


  • MS, Environmental Geology, Colorado State University, 1989
  • BA, Earth Science/Geology, Dartmouth College, 1986


  • Licensed Hydrogeologist, Washington
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