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Wendy Mathieson

Wendy Mathieson, PE

Vice President

Wendy has two decades of experience with a diverse range of geotechnical engineering projects.  Since joining Shannon & Wilson in 1999, Wendy has evaluated and designed pipelines, retaining structures, embankments, excavation shoring systems, slopes and structures on warm permafrost, and structure and bridge foundations. 

Wendy's experience includes projects involving roadway embankments, bridges, light rail transit and highway corridors, pipelines, trails, park facilities, and commercial and residential structures. Her technical experience includes ground improvement, landslide hazard mitigation, cooling warm permafrost, numerical studies, micropile and soil nail design, slope stability analysis, liquefaction analysis, temporary shoring design, settlement analysis, shallow and deep foundation design, and geotechnical report preparation.


  • MSCE, Civil Engineering and Environmental (Geotechnical), University of Washington, 1998

  • BS, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University, 1995


  • Professional Engineer (Civil), Washington, Alaska


  • American Society of Civil Engineers 

  • Deep Foundations Institute

  • WTS

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