Shannon & Wilson's Work Helps Bring Salmon Back to the Green River

Salmon are returning to the Green River! 

Shannon & Wilson's successful Lones Levee Setback and Restoration project is featured in this recent Seattle Times article, which details King County’s successful efforts to recover natural habitats and breathe new life into one of the region’s most important bodies of water.

Shannon & Wilson’s team, including Brian Reznick, Jessica Randolph, Chris Robertson, and Stan Boyle, provided geologic assessments and geotechnical recommendations for Lones Levee setback and floodplain restoration project. The restoration project is part of a larger effort to make the Green River more accessible as a watershed, not only to salmon, but for the ecosystem in its entirety.

About The Lones Levee Setback Project

The Lones Levee was constructed in 1960 to limit channel migration and provide flooding and erosion protection near the confluence of Burns Creek and the Green River. The King County easement around the site allowed for removal of the aging levee and construction of flood protection further back in the floodplain. Shannon & Wilson supported King County by providing a geologic assessment of the site; an evaluation of the volume and quality of the site’s existing riprap for project reuse; a landslide and mass wasting risk assessment; and geotechnical recommendations for the temporary and permanent access roads, fill grade areas, and timber pile supported engineered wood structures.

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