Mark Rutkowski joins Shannon & Wilson as Madison Office Manager

With over 30-years of project experience, Mark serves as the Office Manager and Senior Associate of the Shannon & Wilson, Madison, Wisconsin office.

As a Professional Geologist, Mark’s experience with subsurface soil and groundwater investigations include development and implementation of project Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP), Sampling & Analysis Plan (SAP), and Health & Safety Plan (HASP) plans at CERCLA sites throughout the Midwest.  He has completed numerous soil and groundwater investigations, developed remedial action plans (RAP), materials management plans, and determined the site-specific soil residual contaminant levels protective of human health & the environment in the unsaturated zone using the SEOIL contaminant-fate model. 

He has evaluated both simple and complex sediment, soil and groundwater sites impacted by metals, fuel hydrocarbons, PCBs, and chlorinated solvents.  Mark has also completed numerous Phase I/II Environmental Site Assessments.  These project tasks were completed in order to achieve a level of environmental risk management that was utilized by his clients in order to obtain regulatory site closure for Brownfield sites, existing gasoline service stations, dry cleaner sites, and commercial and industrial properties.  

Mark has assisted clients with the management of hazardous, non-hazardous, and universal waste streams.   Mark was the environmental regulatory subject expert for a LEAN environmental initiative that focused on waste handling, environmental management, and process improvements for a large Midwestern utility company.  He has also completed WPDES permits as well as contingency plans for food processing facilities and food process waste handlers.

Mark has also worked as a subconsultant for firms working for the USEPA and Cal-Fire.  He was the Situation Unit Leader for the Planning Resources Situation Team at the U.S. Smelter and Lead Refinery Superfund site.  He was also deployed to Ventura County California as part of the Thomas Fire site cleanup team doing on-site air monitoring and soil cleanup verification.

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