Waterfront Facilities

The waterfront connects the efficient movement of goods and the consumer.  Shannon & Wilson is attuned to the myriad technical and logistical issues ports, military agencies, and private marina owners can face when improving existing waterfront facilities or developing new ones.  Our capabilities include geotechnical, geologic, seismic, and environmental studies for the design of deep foundation systems for waterfront facilities.  Our engineers analyze soil liquefaction and lateral spreading in coastal environments.  We also have practical experience in designing and directing complex, over-water exploration programs.  We are involved in the design of:

  • Ports and harbors
  • Intermodal facilities
  • Piers, wharfs, and marinas
  • Terminals and dry docks
  • Cantilever and anchor bulkheads
  • Seawalls, bulkheads, and revetments