Dams and Levees

Harnessing and managing water is critical to our infrastructure and quality of life.  Shannon & Wilson offers high-level expertise and experience to help clients develop cost-effective, reliable solutions to the challenges of water supply, irrigation, renewable power generation, transportation, recreation, and flood control, while protecting habitat and maintaining public safety.  Our clients benefit from our extensive experience designing water retention and navigation structures including dams, levees, channels, fish passages, and appurtenant structures.  Our services include:

  • Site and borrow-source investigations
  • Permitting (construction, operation, and natural resource)
  • Embankment design, including stability and settlement studies
  • Seepage analysis, including filter and groundwater cut-off design
  • Seismic ground motion and liquefaction studies
  • Federal Energy Regulatory Commission relicensing
  • Safety and assessment inspections and risk analyses
  • Detailed cost-estimating and preparation of contract documents, including plans and specifications