Los Angeles, California

Travis Deane, Office Manager
(818) 543-4560 t
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664 West Broadway
Glendale, California 91204-1032

The Los Angeles office offers engineers and geologists experienced with solving the challenging geotechnical and geological conditions of Southern California and most of the American Southwest. Our services include geotechnical engineering, engineering geology, earthquake engineering (including fault studies), and instrumentation. We serve a wide range of clients including local agencies, architects, engineers, utilities, private developers, construction contractors, railroads, and the federal government.

While we focus mainly on large infrastructure projects, we have successfully completed projects that include commercial developments, theme parks, casinos, museums, historic structure upgrades, water supply, air transportation facilities, rail facility expansions, landslide remediation, and power and telecommunications facilities. We have played a significant role in the design, construction, and upgrade of many iconic structures and private endeavors in the Los Angeles and southern California region.  We have a strong forensic team providing expert witness services for a wide range of public and private clients.  Developing expert and innovative solutions that make our clients' projects successful has been the cornerstone of our success.

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