"I’ve been at Shannon & Wilson for a little over 20 years and I have never had a desire to work anywhere else.  The great people, the interesting projects, the staff expertise, and good teamwork and leadership keep me rooted in place.  When I first interviewed here in 1990, after about 10 interviews with other firms, I sensed a feeling of excitement and energy that attracted me to Shannon & Wilson.  I still see that same energy today and I hope that it lasts for a long time."

 —Monique Nykamp, Associate, Geotechnical Engineer

 "I joined Shannon & Wilson after working for a quality, but small geotechnical consulting firm because it lacked technical depth.  At Shannon & Wilson, I can go down the hall and get advice from two or three experts on just about any given subject.  Now that is technical depth!  Besides, where else would I get paid to rappel off a 400-foot-high cliff to evaluate rockfall hazard or design foundations for the tallest building in the world (at the time)."

  Chris Robertson, Vice President, Civil Engineer 

 “I think the best thing about working at Shannon & Wilson is the variety of the work. In our Fairbanks office, we have a great diversity of environmental projects and our work rarely gets boring. I also enjoy the opportunities I’ve had to see parts of the state of Alaska that I would never have otherwise, through fieldwork in villages.”

—Rodney Guritz, Environmental Scientist

 “The best part about working at Shannon & Wilson is the high caliber of our employees! I still feel this way after being here for 11 years. Shannon & Wilson’s employees made our company what it is today and will make it better than ever for the future!”

—Jeri-Beth Bowman, Human Resources Manager

“The one thing that I can truly say that makes Shannon & Wilson a great place to work is that there are those who truly care about their employees. And not only that, there are employees who truly care about each other. I have learned a lot about the services we provide, and that came from the willingness of others to teach. The leadership of this company brings a positive attitude, along with gratitude, in my opinion, to each and every one of us. And with that being said, I will be here as long as they will allow me to.”

—Vanessa Byrd, Accountant

“Since my arrival last year I have found that each employee is given a leadership role or takes part in a team effort to make the company successful. This is in contrast to other companies where they focus on middle management.”

—Frederick Lindner, Field Technician  

"What attracted me initially was Shannon & Wilson's national reputation for doing high quality work, the level of expertise of the staff and the wide variety of civil projects that they were working on. Over my nearly 40 years with Shannon & Wilson the quality of staff and variety of world class projects has always been immensely rewarding."

Red Robinson, Senior Vice President, Engineering Geologist