Shannon & Wilson has funded several scholarships and fellowships at universities around the country.  The following were funded to promote the education of deserving students in the engineering and earth sciences and to honor our founders and long-time employees who helped establish Shannon & Wilson's reptutation for technical excellence:

  • $50,000 Shannon & Wilson, Inc., Endowed Geotechnical and Environmental Engineering Research Fund at the University of Alaska-Fairbanks, Alaska (2011).
  • $40,000 Shannon & Wilson, Inc.,/Richard Frueh Memorial Scholarship in Geotechnical Engineering at the Missouri University of Science and Technology (2005). This fund was previously called the Shannon & Wilson, Inc., Scholarship in Geotechnical Engineering.  In 2009, in memory of Richard Frueh, Executive Vice President and long-time support of and lecturer at the University of Missouri-Rolla, the fund name was changed.
  • $50,000 Stanley D. Wilson Memorial Endowed Fund Scholarship at the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana (2004).  This scholarship was established in partnership with the University of Illinois as a means to honor Stan Wilson, to perpetuate his reputation as one of the pioneers in our field, and to maintain the relationship between Shannon & Wilson and the University that Stan started between.  This relationship continues today with many University alumni employed throughout our various offices.  The income generated by the fund is used to provide support related to the Department of Civil Engineering, mainly in the form of awards for graduate students, research materials and supplies, and publications describing research results.  We have also established a guideline whereby recipients of the award could be offered internships in one of our offices.  The University selects the recipient.
  • $50,000 George Yamane Research Assistantship at the University of Washington-Seattle, Washington (2002).
  • $50,000 William L. Shannon Memorial Endowed Fellowship and Research Fund in Geotechnical Engineering at the University of Washington-Seattle, Washington (1989). 
  • $100,000 Stanley D. Wilson Memorial Fund and Lecture Series at the University of Washington-Seattle, Washington (1986).  This fund finances the annual Stanley D. Wilson Memorial Lecture held at the University of Washington.  Guest lecturers are predominantly from the geotechnical field and are outstanding authorities in their specific fields.