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Matthew Harmon

Matthew Harmon


Matthew Harmon has three years of experience working as a hydrogeologist. He has participated in a wide variety of environmental, geotechnical, and groundwater investigations in the Pacific Northwest, as well as in New Jersey and New York.

Through his work, Matthew has monitored groundwater supply systems; assisted in remedial actions at contaminated sites; assisted in well/piezometer installation and performed/supervised sampling of soil, sediment, petroleum products, and water at construction and hazardous waste sites; conducted field testing of soil, groundwater, and surface water; and performed hydrogeologic investigations, including municipal wellhead protection area delineations. He has also developed design infiltration rates for Western Washington stormwater facilities (ponds, trenches, bioretention, and dry wells); performed numerous Level 1 and 2 Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs); monitored the construction of landslide stabilization projects; and performed geotechnical laboratory testing (grain size, Atterberg Limits, hydrometer, compaction, and permeameter). 


  • MS, Applied Physical Sciences, Marshall University, 2016
  • BA, Earth Science/Geology, Castleton State College, 2014

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