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Shelby Petro

Shelby Petro, PWS

Senior Ecologist

Shelby Petro is a senior ecologist with 10 years of experience in environmental consulting, specializing in natural resources management, wetland science, and regulatory compliance. Shelby has spent her career working in interdisciplinary teams solving complex environmental problems for infrastructure protection, flood reduction, and habitat enhancement projects. She is a big-picture thinker with an eye for detail, essential traits when working in teams on complex, multi-objective projects with permit-driven schedules. 

Shelby provides environmental and permitting support during alternatives analysis and concept design phases, leading to permit application and acquisition. She conducts wetland and ordinary high water (OHWM) delineations and habitat assessments to evaluate aquatic and riparian resources in river, floodplain, and coastal environments; prepares technical reports; designs restoration and mitigation plans; and prepares applications and supporting documentation to comply with regulations including NEPA, SEPA, CWA Sections 401/404, Endangered Species Act, State Hydraulic Code, and local critical areas ordinances and shoreline master programs.


  • Master of Environmental Science and Management, University of California, Santa Barbara, 2014
  • BS in Biology, Indiana Wesleyan University, 2007


  • Certified Professional Wetland Scientist, Society of Wetland Scientists
  • Certified Biologist Assessment Author, WSDOT


  • Society of Wetland Scientists

Practice Area

Natural Resources

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