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Daniel Bolda

Daniel Bolda

Laboratory & Field Services Manager

Dan has 19 years of construction inspection in the Rocky Mountain Region and is Shannon & Wilson’s manager of field and laboratory services.  As such, he is responsible for all laboratory certifications, field scheduling, review of daily reports and field/laboratory test results, representing owner interests, and interfacing with contractors and owner representatives.  

Dan also performs field observation/testing/inspection and laboratory testing on various types of construction projects.  His inspection experience includes reinforced concrete and masonry inspections, asphalt paving inspection,  soil and aggregate field inspections, drilled pier and driven pile inspections, and compaction grouting observation and inspection.  Dan has also performed a variety of other specialized inspections for coal refuse fire abatement, a variety abandoned mine closure methods, quarry excavation inspections, sinkhole repairs, and tunneling inspections.  


  • BS, Forestry/Environmental Sciences, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, 1995

Practice Area

Geotechnical Services

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