Shannon & Wilson helped launch the geotechnical instrumentation industry.   In 1954, Stan Wilson, one of our founders, invented the slope inclinometer.  We continue to be at the forefront of the industry today.  Shannon & Wilson's staff specialize in the practical use of instrumentation to monitor soil, rock, groundwater, and structural behavior resulting from construction activities, field testing, and natural phenomena. 

We successfully provide services ranging from installation and monitoring of a single piezometer or inclinometer to the development of fully automated ground-displacement and pore-pressure measuring systems.  We develop automated hardware and software systems so data can be collected, processed, and plotted in near-real time for responsive conclusions.

We also have experience installing, operating, and maintaining water-quality meters and weather stations for environemtnal monitoring.

Shannon & Wilson instrumentation systems can reduce uncertainty and risk on your project.  However big or small your project may be, we can provide you with comprehensive, cost-effective, instrumentation.