Preparing for a Career in Engineering and Earth Sciences 

October 31, 2012

A good education can land you an interview and maybe even a job, but it takes more than book smarts to succeed in the engineering and earth sciences fields.  Business, writing, and marketing skills are paramount to a successful career, particularly in the consulting industry.  We asked both junior and senior Shannon & Wilson staff to weigh in on how to best prepare for a career in these fields.
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Shannon & Wilson Complies with Missouri DNR Revisions to Underground Storage Tank Regulations. 

June 21, 2012

The Missouri Department of Natural Resources has recently made revisions to the Underground Storage Tank (UST) regulations to ensure older tank systems remain safe to use and to prevent unused tanks from becoming “abandoned.”  These new regulations clarify what is considered an in- or out-of-use tank.  *An out of use tank is one that has been emptied so that no more than one inch of product remains, or that no more than 0.3 percent by weight of the total capacity remains.  Under the new regulations, a site assessment must be conducted within 12 months of a tank being taken out of use.   

A site assessment can determine whether any contamination is present and detect a potential problem before it becomes an issue that may affect the neighboring areas.  Early detection allows the responsible party more options to address problems.  The owner/operator can then address any problems while the financial responsibility mechanism is still in place and they have the ability to access the funds to aid in cleanup. 

Shannon & Wilson specializes in complex environmental review and permitting projects and has considerable experience with underground storage tanks of all sizes.  From environmental site assessments to the compliance, design, removal and remediation of underground storage tanks, we engineer cost-effective solutions to clients’ needs. 

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